There are no cookie-cutter approaches to orthodontia. There are no short-cuts, either. The type of care you receive must be tailored to your specific needs. Since treatment requires a serious commitment of time, effort and money, we want you to feel as informed as possible about the process. We also want you to know we’re dedicated to providing the fastest path to great results.

What typically happens at an initial consultation?

  • You’ll explain your concerns to Dr Quinn.
  • Orthodontic exam of your teeth.
  • 3D Scan of your bite.
  • Personalized treatment options.
  • Estimated treatment time.
  • Estimated cost of treatment.

How much does a consultation cost?

We offer initial consultations at no cost.

Will the orthodontist tell my dentist about the consultation and its findings?

Yes. Dr Quinn will communicate the results of this visit with your dentist, including recommended next steps, if any.

Feel comfortable and in control of your treatment.

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